Give your clients your very best… with Nutri-Body® Analysis

                                                                                                                         by David Rowland

The nutritional assessment method of choice for over 20 years!

Nutri-Body® Analysis is a method of nutritional assessment that enables nutritional practitioners to pin-point each person’s unique biochemical weaknesses. The scores in each category of the questionnaire are compared only to the person’s overall state of health and not to any textbook standards or statistical averages – which may be totally irrelevant to the particular client you are counselling.

There is an accompanying manual, Assessing Biochemical Individuality, that explains the background information needed to interpret and make sound recommendations base on each client’s unique responses to the Nutri-Body® Questionnaire. It is available from Vitamost Solutions.

Nutri-Body® Analysis

If you are not using the Nutri-Body® Analysis, you may be overlooking your clients most important needs. The same symptoms in different people can have very different causes. And if the cause isn’t corrected, the problem will persist.

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Nutri-Body® Questionnaire

The Nutri-Body® Questionnaire enables you to send your questionnaires to your clients inbox and instantly receive RESULTS using the Internet, saving you time and costs of printing and postage.

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